Tamperproof Forensic Labelling and tagging system for your tools (RRP £49.99) provided FREE with all CoverMyTools policies

Covermytools has teamed-up with the UKs leading provider of forensic security products, Datatag Security, to provide ALL policyholders with a FREE Datatag labelling and security marking system. 

Datatag is the No.1 Theft Deterrent for Powertools, providing your tools with unique tamper proof labelling and Datadot markings, allowing simply tracking by law enforcement, significantly reducing the ability for a thief to sell-on stolen item(s), meaning they’ll usually keep looking for an easier target! 

In addition to the FREE Datatag System, Covermytools policyholders all receive access to a free online portal where you can maintain a full inventory of your tools.  In the unfortunately event that a claim does occur, you can simply download an extract of your inventory to provide to the police – no more searching through shoe boxes looking for receipts!

The FREE Datatag Tool Security system for Covermytools policyholders includes:

  • 4 x Tamper Evident Power Tool Labels with Unique ID Code

  • Datadot unique ID tagging system (can be used for 100’s of tools)

  • 50 x Smaller circular warning stickers

  • 2 x Van warning decal signs

  • 1 x Registration card

  • FREE secure inventory system to log all of your insured tools 


    1. Obtain & Buy your tool insurance online (From £1,000 to £25,000 cover)
    2. With 5 working days you will receive your Datatag System & Unique Code & Portal Access***
    3. Add the Datatag protection to all of you tools
    4. Add the items to the secure inventory portal****


Q: Who is Datatag?

A: Datatag is the UK’s leading theft deterrent system using unique forensic markings to a variety of valuable portable items from plant, motorcycles, trailers and powertools. 

Q: How does the Covermytools Datatag scheme work?

A: At Covermytools we believe that theft prevention is just as important as insurance.  We fund free datatag packs to all new policyholders to ensure maximum peace of mind. 

Q: What is the Covermytools Datatag Inventory Portal?

A: The inventory portal is provided free of charge to all policyholders enabling you to securely store details of all your tools.  Not only does this assist you with selecting an appropriate sum insured, it also streamlines any police reporting and the claims process should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a claim.  All Tools need to be logged on the inventory portal within 14 days of policy inception for theft cover to continue to apply. 

Q: What are Datatag Datadots?

A: Datadots are transparent microscopic plastic discs (less than 1mm in diameter) printed with a unique alpha numeric code and listing Datatag's telephone number. There are hundreds within each system  application and only one dot is required to prove ownership. Any thief would have to be 100% confident that they had found and removed every single one to avoid detection and prosecution. 

Q: What do I receive in each FREE Datatag security pack?

A: The FREE Datatag Tool Security system for CoverMyTools policyholders includes: 

  • 4 x Tamper Evident Power Tool Labels with Unique ID Code
  • Datadot unique ID tagging system (can be used for 100’s of tools)
  • 50 x Smaller circular warning stickers
  • 2 x Van warning decal signs
  • 1 x Registration card
  • FREE secure inventory system to log all of your insured tools 

Q: How much is the Datatag Covermytools Security system worth?

A: The packs provided free of charge and unique to Covermytools, but the different elements would retail for c£49.99 per pack.  1 Pack is provided for sums insured up to £10,000 and 2 Packs for sums insured of £10,000 and above. 

Q: Can I buy more Datatag Security labels?

A: The FREE pack is generally adequate for most policyholders, however further security labels and van stickers van be order via the portal if required. 

Q: What if I sell some of my tools which have a Datatag?

A: You can simply transfer the ownership of any sold items to the new owner through the datatag website or portal. 

Q: What happens if I cancel my policy at the end of the year?

A: Should you terminate your policy, you may retain the free datatags, but you will no longer be able to access the Covermytools Inventory portal. 

Q: Who has access to Datatag scanners?

A: All UK Police Force units have access to Datatag scanners, together with a host of other European Police entities. 

Q: What happens if my tools are stolen?

A: Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a tool theft, you should report this to the Police and the Covermytools claims team.  You should obtain a copy of your Tool inventory to highlight the stolen items to the police and also make them aware that your tools have Datatag security protection.

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*In the event of a theft from a vehicle, excess will be doubled
** Maximum of £15,000 per individual vehicle applies